I-Tracking Device  

Our state-of-the-art features rich I-Tracking device with built-in Lithium Polymer backup battery, data logger and crash sensor functionalities which utilizes both the TCP/IP/GPRS/SMS communications and GPS (Globe Positioning System) technology to provide a complete solution for all your fleet management and tracking requirements

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  Features and functionalities :-
  • Support TCP/IP/GPRS/SMS communications
  • Provide remote monitoring with real-time vehicle location
  • Built-in Lithium Polymer backup battery
  • 4 inputs & 2 Outputs
  • Data logger for capturing events when vehicle not in GPRS/GSM coverage areas
  • USB/RS232 communication interface
  • Engine / Ignition control function
  • Vehicle battery power monitoring and alerting function
  • SOS function
  • Add Geo-fencing & POIs with images
  • Crash sensor to capture 30-second events before and after an impact is detected
  • Harsh Braking and Sudden Acceleration to detect bad driving
  • Over speed alarm function
  • Speed zone function
  • It provides accurate historical records and driver’s driving behaviors
  • History play back function
  • Route deviation function
  • Safety belt sensor
  • Odometer sensor captures more accurate km travelled
  • Driver ID Card for driver management
  • Auto immobilizer
  • PLUS & Toll reader
  • Fuel sensor detects siphoning of fuel
  • Programming & upgrade software Over-The- Air (OTA)
  • GPS navigation device option allows for direct dispatching and messaging between office and fleet with destination position guidance and route planning